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Meet the Fam


Mom (& her plants)

Hi there! I'm Tamara - mom (slave) to Peanut & Butter, & well... the many many houseplants P&B try to get to every day hehe. Aside from being a crazy bunny mom, I'm also a plant addict & love home-decor and cultivating a beautiful and serene space around me wherever I am. 🥰










While I’m no professional nor a vet, I’ve done a lot of research about bunny care and also had a lot of experience with my buns so far. I am, however, very mindful to add that I most definitely don’t know everything about rabbits nor every single aspect of bunny care, and the opinions I share will be based on things I feel I have enough personal experience in or have researched thoroughly for my bunnies. 😊 

I hope this blog is both helpful and also inspiring for you to create a beautiful and safe home that both you and your bun can enjoy 🙂 . Please take my advice and information as a guide for your bunny care and do make sure to contact your vet and conduct your own research when caring for your bunnies!
Sending you guys tons of love & we hope you’ll keep following along on our adventures! 😁


Lots of love, Tamara, Peanut, Butter & the Plants xoxo



P&B’s IG started as a place to share my love of P&B, home decor & all of my plants in one collective space. Along the way - we unexpectedly gained a lot of lovely friends on Instagram, and in turn, received many questions about bunny care, plant care and our home space etc. I found myself answering many of the same questions over and over. In order to help as much as possible, I decided to create a blog where I could more efficiently and thoroughly answer these questions, and at the same time provide a place for people to refer to - whether they are new to bunny care, or are fully experienced bunny owners simply looking to jazz up their bunny’s space


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Peanut - the absolute love of my life - he's been with me since June 2019 - I got him when he was around 13 weeks old and he was honestly the biggest surprise of my life. I suddenly became obsessed with getting a bunny but I had no idea how special this little guy was going to be.  He honestly is the most loving and sweet lil fluff I've ever met.