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5 Beginner Houseplants

So you want to become a houseplant parent...

...but you're feeling a little overwhelmed thinking about where to start and how to care for your new kiddos without well... killing them💀🥺.

Worry not! Here I've shared 5 of my favourite houseplants that I personally think are pretty easy to care for, but also look great in the home and will brighten up your space!

**PLEASE NOTE BUNNY PARENTS** the plants listed below are NOT necessarily considered to be safe for bunnies. If they are listed as safe, they will still need to be bunny-proofed, which you can learn how to do here. I do not recommend or encourage allowing your rabbits to freely eat any common houseplants regardless of whether they are considered bunny-safe, as all bunnies can react differently, so please do be mindful of this! Moreover, please do contact a poison hotline or a local vet if you find that your rabbit has ingested a fair amount of a houseplant and you aren't sure if it is safe or not, or this is the first time they have eaten this plant, just to be on the safe side.🌿

1. Pothos


Pothos, also known as Devils Ivy, is one of my absolute favourite house plants. It grows so beautifully considering how low maintenance it is. It can handle quite low light/artificial light conditions and it's pretty easy to tell when it needs a water as the leaves get droopy and sad looking. When given optimum conditions, these plants can quite quickly grow into stunning cascading plants that hang beautifully in any room. You can also grow Pothos upwards against a moss pole. Moreover, they're really easy to take cuttings from and propagate into new little Pothos plants. The great thing about Pothos is that it comes in a number of gorgeous variations e.g. Golden, Marble Queen (pictured 👑 ), N'Joy etc - all of which are super easy to take care of but have their own stunning and unique looks.


Low-medium indirect sunlight.

☂ Water weekly, allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings.

🐇Toxic to pets if ingested.

2. Spider plant


The spider plant is another one of those super easy to look after plants that look gorgeous and also are super easy to turn into multiple plants! They cascade beautifully and have a vibrant light green colour that brightens any space. Eventually, they sprout little baby spiders (the only time baby spiders sounds cute ever🥴) which can be propagated into new little plants! Again, you'll notice droopy leaves when the plant is thirsty, which perk up shortly after being given a nice drink. The spider plant can come in different varieties that differ slightly; some have more curly leaves while others have straighter leaves, some might have green edges with a white centre while others may have the reverse - either way, they are all gorgeous!


Low indirect sunlight - leaves may start bleaching with too much light.

☂ Water weekly - soil can handle being a little moist.

🐇 Safe for pets if consumed.

3. Monstera Deliciosa


If you haven't heard of Monstera Deliciosa... aka the wondrous cheese plant - I honestly have no idea where you've been living the past few years😅. This is probably one of the most popular houseplants for beginners, and even avid plant lovers because of the beautiful fenestrations (holes) their mature leaves form, making them look like swiss cheese (hence the name). Don't forget to share your beauty on Instagram on #MonsteraMonday 😌. Again, really easy to look after, and when given optimal light conditions they'll grow into huge monster(a)s haha💀.


Medium to bright indirect sunlight (very bright sunlight can scorch the leaves, so keep an eye on any burning of the leaves if close to a well lit window).

☂ Water weekly, allow the top two inches of soil to dry out between waterings.

🐇Toxic to pets if ingested.

4. Yucca


Yuccas are beautiful and a great choice for people looking for low maintenance houseplants. They can make great statements in any room as they can grow really large, however, if you have more modest space you can also buy them in smaller sizes. These plants are great for people who are likely to be a little forgetful with watering as they can tolerate quite dry conditions & will bounce back pretty easily. When looked after well, they really thrive and grow into huge and luscious plants.


Bright indirect sunlight to direct sunlight.

☂ Water bi-weekly, plant can handle drying out between waterings.

🐇 Toxic to pets if ingested in large amounts.

5. Cacti


I mean... there's not too much to say. Cacti are cacti. There are tons of different varieties you can pick from to fit the aesthetic you like most, but overall they are all generally pretty easy to care for and don't really need to be watered very often at all. They make great window sill plants or look really lovely on shelves. They are quite slow growers however, so make sure if you're hoping for a large statement cacti you buy the size you want, as you might be waiting a little while for a tiny one to grow to the size you might be hoping for😅. Make sure to handle with care (mucho spikes) and you'll be good to go 🙂.


Bright indirect sunlight.

☂ Water when soil is thoroughly dry.

🐇 Don't tend to be toxic, however extremely hazardous due to spikes, so do keep out of reach.

Well friends, I hoped that helped and gave you some insight into some great starter houseplant options and I can't wait for you to buy some new babies and start your addiction! 😁🪴

P.s. Bunny parents - toxic doesn't mean it will KILL your rabbit if they have a small nibble, so if your bunny DOES somehow manage to eat a bit of a toxic plant, don't necessarily assume the worst. However, DO contact a poison hotline or a rabbit savvy vet to be on the safe side, especially if this is the first time your rabbit has gotten hold of this plant. My buns have managed to eat a number of houseplants considered toxic in the past and have been fine - but as I said previously - every bunny is different so take care and do your best to bunny-proof!

Lots of love, Tamara, Peanut, Butter & the (99% bunny-proofed) Plants xoxo 🌵🌿🪴